Minnesota Unemployment Refund Update

On Thursday September 9th, the Minnesota Department of Revenue announced the processing of returns impacted by the tax law changes made for the treatment of unemployment insurance compensation will begin the week of September 13th.  The Minnesota Department of Revenue made the decision to adjust nearly all the returns affected rather than require taxpayers to file amended returns.


The estimated number of impacted returns is over 540,000.  Revenue will begin manually processing about 1,000 individual income tax returns per week to start.  It is expected the number of returns processed each week will increase, with a goal of processing 50,0000 returns per week by late October.


Minnesota Revenue sent letters in mid-August to less than 8,000 individual income taxpayers who will be required to file an amended return.  If you did not receive a letter, your return will be manually adjusted by Minnesota Revenue.  If you have questions once you receive your refund and want us to verify the reasonableness of the amount, please contact our office.


As additional updates become available, we will continue to update you.