August 1, 2014 Minimum Wage Increase

Effective August 1, 2014 through July 31, 2015 the following increase in minimum wage will affect many employers in Minnesota.

Large Employer (gross sales over $500,000) – $8.00/hour

Small Employer (gross sales under $500,000) – $6.50/hour

Training Wage (Employees under 20 years of age for first 90 days) – $6.50/hour

Youth Wage (employees under 18 years of age) – $6.50/hour

Federal Wage (applies to small employers involved in interstate commerce*) – $7.25/hour

*Interstate Commerce applies to any employer that accepts credit card as a form of payment


OVERTIME – Time and one half the employees regular rate of pay:

Small or state covered employers – after 48 hours

Large or federally covered employers – after 40 hours